Did you know that your hot water heater accounts for up to 25% of your household electric bill? Go green today and save!

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Guardian Solar Water Heating Systems

We are proud to bring you the premiere product in solar water heating: Guardian Solar Systems. Other domestic solar hot water systems provide only 50% of your water heating needs. Guardian solar systems are designed to provide an average of 80-90% of your water Guardian system diagramheating needs, giving you the maximum in cost savings and environmental benefit.


Through intelligent automation, Guardian makes it so you never have to worry about having hot water. It knows when to collect heat from the sun, and when not to. And, if your family ever requires more hot water than the sun can provide, Guardian’s backup heating element automatically takes over, insuring your family’s needs will always be met.

Built to last

With recent improvements in design, product technology, and manufacturing, your Guardian water heater can be expected to last trouble free for longer than ever before. That means, the savings it provides will pay for itself many times over!


Eco Friendly

Did you know that your electric water heater uses as much energy as an automobile? On average, cars consume 11.4 barrels of oil per year.1 A family of four consumes the same amount of oil just by heating their water.2 In other words, installing a Guardian water heater provides the same environmental and energy saving benefits as taking a car off the road every year.

And, since the sun is free, your family will be protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes.

Do your part to conserve our natural resources, and take advantage of the sun’s unlimited and free energy to heat your home’s water.

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1.Calculation based on a car that gets 22 mpg and travels 12,000 per year.
2.Considering an average hot water usage for a 4 person home at 80 gallons per day.