Pool Automation and Beyond

With a wide range of products available, we’re here to help you take your swim experience to the next level.

Pool Automation

Go auto and place control of your pool and spa functions at your fingertips. With an automatic control, you can schedule filtration cycles, adjust sanitizer generation, set your pool temperature, control lighting and waterfall functions, and more all at the push of a button. We offer a wide variety of automation systems. Call us today and we can help you find the right system to meet your needs and your budget.

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Salt Chlorination Systems

Salt systems are designed to create chlorine out of ordinary salt, slicing the cost of expensive pool chemicals. The chlorine generated from salt is much gentler, making it a great choice for sensitive eyes and skin. These systems are designed for a low-maintenance swimming experience, requiring little more than checking the water once a week to make sure the system is producing natural chlorine, and, on occasion, balancing the water. This means you swim more and work less.

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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Heat-pumps offer year-round pool heating at a significantly lower monthly cost than gas. We offer the high-efficiency, ultra-quiet heat pump series from Gulf Stream. Gulf Stream heat pumps feature the Turbotec titanium heat exchanger for maximum efficiency and performance, and a comprehensive customizable intelligent control board. The latest generation High Energy Series have been upgraded, fortified and tuned to perform with environmentally friendly R-410A clean refrigerant. Gulf Stream prides itself on superior manufacturing–individually testing each and every component and unit for quality and performance, ensuring you will never receive less than the best!

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