Quality service at a reasonable cost

Our commitment to quality far exceeds industry standards. Not only do our technicians work to ensure that all new installations meet the highest standards, we carry our commitment to excellence into our service work ensuring that your solar system and pool equipment will be going strong for years to come. We have over 30 years of experience maintaining and repairing all brands of solar and pool equipment. That means our technicians are quick to diagnose and repair your system, keeping your rate charges low and getting you back in the pool sooner.


A short list of our service offerings:

  • Repair leaks in solar panels, pipes, and valves
  • Equipment replacement: solar panels, valves, automatic controls, and more
  • Pool and solar re-plumbs
  • Removal and re-installation of solar panels for re-roofs
  • Full system check completed with all repair work

Hail, Freeze, or Wind damaged roof or solar system?

Don’t forget to request an estimate to submit to your insurance company. We offer same day estimates for system removal/re-installations, and can schedule free on-site estimates for system replacements.

Don’t see what you need here? Call our office to see how we can help!

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